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There Is Beauty In The Broken

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered, “How on earth did things get so hard?”

I have—more times than I can count.

I’ll never forget how helpless I felt when it seemed like our life was falling apart, when our oldest daughter faced seemingly endless brushes with death, or when our finances were in shambles. In those moments, I felt everything I’d ever dreamed of, or God had ever promised, was shattering at my feet.

But I’ll also never forget when things changed, when on the darkest of days I heard a voice whisper, “There is beauty in the broken.”

From then on, every dark day took on new meaning. Life didn’t immediately get easier, but I had a brilliant guiding light to navigate by. And friend, let me tell you, life has become more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.

I want you to know that what seems irredeemable actually holds the promise of great beauty. And on those days when words don’t come easy, I believe this story can help you navigate through.

— Andy Howard
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur