No matter who you are, a storm will hit your life at some point. Hard. Life piles up and one day you can’t hold up the Jenga tower. 

When life crashes it can feel like the end of everything: Do I deserve this? Is God mad at me? This probably can’t be fixed… 

Listen, life doesn’t come with a reset button but it’s full of comebacks. 

Addicted, pregnant, in and out of detox, and in their thirties my friends Monique and Austin Katron know what it’s like to crash hard. And what it’s like to fight for their comeback. 

Now they’re sober, thriving coaches: fit, and financially successful. Talking to them recently on my podcast helped me realize three keys to claiming your comeback.

Key #1: God Is Your Comeback Sponsor

Before anything else we have to recognize that in charge of it all is Jesus: the God of the comeback. 

God is like our comeback sponsor. 

An AA sponsor is like a guide, a Sherpa, they guide you up the recovery mountain. They are there for you to help you do the hard work. 

God promises to take every part of your story and work it for good (Romans 8:28), nothing will be wasted! 

He will guide us up the mountain and repurpose all our mistakes. 

Key #2: Know What You’re Fighting For

Austin is an absolute beast in the gym. Every time I work out with him I am awestruck by how resilient he is. He’s like that because he has a goal worth the extra reps.  

As he puts it, “Resilience is not easy.” 

At rock bottom, Austin was living with addiction, on government assistance, and a baby was on the way. He had a family that was falling apart as he fell apart. 

That’s when he knew what he was fighting for: his family. 

That’s what flipped the switch.

He was fighting for more than himself, he was fighting for his family’s future. 

Our comebacks start a chain reaction: when you win those around you win.  

He knew that quitting wasn’t an option. 

Key #3: Ask Yourself This Hard Question

Often the biggest barrier to our comeback is ourselves. 

Are you ready to ask yourself a hard question? 

Ask, “If I don’t move forward life will be the same (or worse). Is that how I want to live?”

If the answer is no, then you have a comeback waiting for you. 

The only way you wont claim your comeback is if you quit. As Monique says, “Don’t quit before the miracle happens.”

Lean into the miracle working God of the comeback. Know what you are fighting for. And make a commitment to walk away from the life you don’t want to live. 

You deserve more. The work is hard, but your life is worth it.