My wife always says “When good people make good money, they do great things.”

Thanks, Tiff. 

Basically, it’s all about what you do with your wealth.

Wealth in the Bible

God blessed many of His followers with wealth, among other things, when they lived lives pleasing to Him. 

Abram was rolling in livestock and money. Jacob had enough donkeys and camels to be mentioned in the Bible. During King Solomon’s reign, silver was as abundant as rocks. 

Matthew, Jesus’s disciple, was another example of wealth. Joanna, who became a follower of Jesus after being healed, was married to the man who managed Herod’s house. Joseph of Arimathea, a secret follower of Christ, was a member of the Sanhedrin. 

It’s What You Do With Your Wealth

All of these people were not simply wealthy. They aren’t considered “good and righteous” because they were smart with investments or had lots of camels to pass down. 

Their means were used to serve the Lord. 

They didn’t accumulate wealth for wealth’s sake. Like Joseph, they used their storehouses to bless others. Their fruitfulness became the fruitfulness of others. 

Joanna, along with a few other women in the Bible, used her money to support the mission of Jesus. Doing the Lord’s work requires resources. And good people do great things with money.

King Solomon, whose fortune was so vast the Queen of Sheba came to see it for herself, built the Temple. His wealth went to creating a resting place for God. 

Joseph of Arimathea, though a secret follower of Christ while Jesus was alive, asked Pilate for the body of Jesus after the crucifixion. His riches, along with those of Nicodemus, he used to prepare the dead body of Jesus for burial, then he laid the body in his own tomb. 

Go Do Great Things

Friend, do radical things for the Kingdom with your money. If you have a lot, or if you have a little. 

Use it to support the Great Commission. Missionaries need food and shelter and plane rides and Bibles to hand out. Local outreaches need to put food in people’s bellies and roofs over their heads. 

Fund places of worship with the blessings He has given you. 

Be so in love with the Savior that even just His dead body is worthy of your riches.