This week’s episode is a special one! I got to chat with my good friend and fellow author Pat Schatzline AND it is the official launch day for my book When Words Don’t Come Easy, which you can order here.

Pat’s messages had a huge influence on me while I was struggling through depression and hurt, and he is truly one of the reasons this book is out in the world today.

In this episode, Pat and I talk about:

  • Why believing you are unqualified is a lie
  • Overcoming the idea that God is “mad” at you
  • Understanding that God is calling you now, no matter your “spiritual resume”
  • And, how Pat and I ended up preaching together on a stage in South Africa…

Remember, what qualifies us to stand in the presence of Jesus is not our accomplishments but simply our God. He is our only qualification. Learn more about Pat’s ministry and find his amazing books here.